Art of the Week: Temple


What is it?

This is a 9×12 inch colored pencil drawing on a piece of paper.

Depicted is an abstract representation of a temple. It appears to be composed of gems and technological surfaces. I used vivid colors tried to stick to shapes with a futuristic aesthetic while maintaining an ancient touch to the pyramid like structure in the center of the piece.


 I wanted to make something vertically symmetric and aesthetically pleasing, but I also wanted it to have an esoteric touch to its appearance. I wanted to create something that appeared both sacredly futuristic and ancient at the same time.

I wanted to create something that appeared holy or spiritual but that would appeal to people of any religious/spiritual stance.

It’s a similar idea to the painting above I have initiated that is a work in progress.


Like most of my pieces, I start this one off with a rough graphite sketch of the basic outline. I start with a pyramid shape, adding a column on the left side, all while keeping in mind the symmetric nature of this piece. So, I know everything I do on the left side of the drawing must be reflected on the right side.

I refine some of the details and add a few more.

Add some more details..

More detail…

By now I’m done with most of the details. Now I’m about to trace over the graphite with ink.

Now that I’ve traced over the graphite details in ink I erase the entire paper to remove any trace of graphite. This is important as graphite and colored pencil don’t mix well and often create an ugly appearance.


I use colored pencil and apply the vivid wax to the paper, doing the bac


Art of the Week: Nikola Tesla


What is it?

Depicted is a portrait of Nikola Tesla surrounded by blue lightning. Tesla was a total genius who was a master of understanding electricity, engineering, physics and more.

I based the drawing off this photograph of Tesla. I wanted to make it look like he was emanating powerful, dynamic energy.



I wanted to make an artwork that would give people something intellectually substantial to study. That “something” is Nikola Tesla and his works of genius.

Tesla, not Edison, is the true father of electricity and he pioneered the field in numerous, amazing ways. I highly encourage anyone who is even remotely interested in Tesla and his work to do their own research on the topic.


I start the drawing with a very basic outline of Tesla.

I then add some facial details. Focusing on the eyes or any particular part of the face gives me a good foundation to base the rest of the details around.

I finish up the rest of the details. After I’m satisfied with the graphite part of this drawing, I erase the graphite where I want the electricity to be and add the lightning effect using blue colored pencils.

Finally, I darken some areas, mostly his suit.


Being that this is a portrait in my series of inspiring people, there will definitely be more pieces like this. So far, I have in this series Terence Mckenna, Alan Watts, and Steve Jobs. I had fun making this piece, the excitement of watching a piece of paper go from being completely blank to looking like a living being is hard to come by.

Thanks for reading! If you’re interested, this drawing is available as prints, posters, and other merchandise available here.

Art of the Week: Paradigm Portal

paradigm portal 3

What is it?

This is an acrylic painting on a 16×20 inch piece of canvas pad.

Depicted is a symmetric, geometric painting of various shapes, lines, and gems. In the very center of the painting there is a tiny blue portal. It’s not that the portal is actually tiny, just that it’s farthest away from the viewer’s perspective.

The alien, synthetic, technological appearance is symbolic of the new paradigm I acknowledge our species is creating and immersing itself in. I call it “Paradigm Portal” for this reason.


I wanted to create something synthetic looking. I wanted something symmetric and aesthetically pleasing and I wanted to make something close to my painting “Consciousness Storage Device”.

You can see how the color themes and visual ideas from this previous painting influenced the making of “Paradigm Portal”. The detailed line work is almost the same shape and color scheme, even the background copper tones of concentric circles leading into a blue center carried over into the more recent painting. I even used the same reflective copper paint.

suspended enigma

I also wanted to mix things up a bit and add some of the new skills I learned from my painting “Suspended Enigma” into this painting. As you can see, I took the swirly, spherical white and blue orbs from “Suspended Enigma” and painted them into “Paradigm Portal”. I did’t just stick to orbs though, I used the same technique to make oval shaped gems on the edge of the painting as well as the much larger blue and white sections on the sides of the more recent painting.


I started this piece by creating a graphite cross. This is the foundation of the artwork and allow for me to create the symmetric effect much easier.

I then draw the outline of the artwork in grahphite. I build up bit by bit, starting with a few basic shapes and expanding as I continue to maintain a symmetric appearance. Eventually my graphte outline is complete and I’m ready to start applying acrylic paint. Because graphite on canvas pad tends to smear easily I paint part of the outline with black paint.

Next, I start filling in the shapes and shading them.

Add some details…

Fill in the background and use a graphite pencil directly on the paper to create an outline for some of my line details..

And it’s done!


I really like the way this piece looks. I love how it shimmers as I move around the room, looking at it from different angles. I want to do this again, but next time I’d like to add more objects that emphasize depth in the painting. I’d just like to push the depth a little farther like I did in “Consciousness Storage Device.”

In this photo you can see how the background copper paint shimmers and shines.
In this photo you can see how the background copper paint shimmers and shines.

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Art of the Week: Cybernetic Actualization Device

What is it? 

This is an acrylic painting on a 9×12 inch piece of paper. Depicted is a gem in the center. Surrounding this gem is a colorful grid like pattern or field.

I wanted to make a piece that would be creative and cool looking. I wanted it to appear like a pleasant machine as opposed to an industrial, cold steel machine.

Another painting of the cybernetic field.
Another painting of the cybernetic field.

I also wanted to create an imaginary device. A device that would create a field of energy around it when activated. I call this field the cybernetic field. I imagine that, like the internet, data is sent and received to different areas within the field.  I imagined a type of field that would make it possible to send dreams, feelings, memories, and thoughts to other people interacting with the field.

A being integrating within the cybernetic field.
A being integrating within the cybernetic field.

This field may serve as a metaphor for the internet. The internet may actually someday acquire the ability to transfer experiential information. This has amazing implications for the future. Humans would be able to learn at incredible rates if they could transfer their past experiences over the internet to be downloaded by someone and experienced in real time. 

Someone interacting with the cybernetic field.
Someone interacting with the cybernetic field.

Some scientists theorize it will be entirely possible to record our dreams and re-experience them again after waking. Many also believe that memories can be recorded and transferred to other beings who never experienced them. My paintings of the cybernetic field depict a metaphorical template for such experiences to be transferred between beings.

Another being becoming absorbed in the cybernetic field.
Another being becoming absorbed into the cybernetic field.

Because I find this topic fascinating, I am considering creating an article pertaining to it in the future.


I suppose what fueled this creation was a craving for novelty and expression. I had some cool, possible ideas about the future and created this.

I was also bored and wanted something to do. This painting started as a drawing in the back of a car on my way back from Old Orchard Beach, a family vacation spot.


I started this creation by first drawing the oval shape that is the gem in the center of the painting. From there I expanded details towards the edges.

Next, I add more detail to the drawing’s outline.

After this, I paint the gem and start the painting process of the grid outline with black paint. This makes it so that when painting lighter colors I have to apply less layers.

Now, colors for the outline. I like colors. I crave them sometimes. I place colorthat I know will blend well next to each other. colors. colors.colors.

Now I fill in the white boxes.

…annnnnd done!


This piece was fun and easy, with the exception of coordinating the colors in the correct spots so that they would blend well together. Filling in the boxes was surprisingly difficult, perhaps I should have started with the boxed colors first and added the lines after.

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