Art of the Week: Cybernetic Actualization Device

What is it? 

This is an acrylic painting on a 9×12 inch piece of paper. Depicted is a gem in the center. Surrounding this gem is a colorful grid like pattern or field.

I wanted to make a piece that would be creative and cool looking. I wanted it to appear like a pleasant machine as opposed to an industrial, cold steel machine.

Another painting of the cybernetic field.
Another painting of the cybernetic field.

I also wanted to create an imaginary device. A device that would create a field of energy around it when activated. I call this field the cybernetic field. I imagine that, like the internet, data is sent and received to different areas within the field.  I imagined a type of field that would make it possible to send dreams, feelings, memories, and thoughts to other people interacting with the field.

A being integrating within the cybernetic field.
A being integrating within the cybernetic field.

This field may serve as a metaphor for the internet. The internet may actually someday acquire the ability to transfer experiential information. This has amazing implications for the future. Humans would be able to learn at incredible rates if they could transfer their past experiences over the internet to be downloaded by someone and experienced in real time. 

Someone interacting with the cybernetic field.
Someone interacting with the cybernetic field.

Some scientists theorize it will be entirely possible to record our dreams and re-experience them again after waking. Many also believe that memories can be recorded and transferred to other beings who never experienced them. My paintings of the cybernetic field depict a metaphorical template for such experiences to be transferred between beings.

Another being becoming absorbed in the cybernetic field.
Another being becoming absorbed into the cybernetic field.

Because I find this topic fascinating, I am considering creating an article pertaining to it in the future.


I suppose what fueled this creation was a craving for novelty and expression. I had some cool, possible ideas about the future and created this.

I was also bored and wanted something to do. This painting started as a drawing in the back of a car on my way back from Old Orchard Beach, a family vacation spot.


I started this creation by first drawing the oval shape that is the gem in the center of the painting. From there I expanded details towards the edges.

Next, I add more detail to the drawing’s outline.

After this, I paint the gem and start the painting process of the grid outline with black paint. This makes it so that when painting lighter colors I have to apply less layers.

Now, colors for the outline. I like colors. I crave them sometimes. I place colorthat I know will blend well next to each other. colors. colors.colors.

Now I fill in the white boxes.

…annnnnd done!


This piece was fun and easy, with the exception of coordinating the colors in the correct spots so that they would blend well together. Filling in the boxes was surprisingly difficult, perhaps I should have started with the boxed colors first and added the lines after.

Thanks for reading! If you’d like to see purchasing options for this piece including prints, posters, and other merchandise you may do so by clicking here. If you’re on a computer purchasing links are found below the image. If using a mobile device you must scroll down to view these links.



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