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Art of the Week: Paradigm Portal

paradigm portal 3

What is it?

This is an acrylic painting on a 16×20 inch piece of canvas pad.

Depicted is a symmetric, geometric painting of various shapes, lines, and gems. In the very center of the painting there is a tiny blue portal. It’s not that the portal is actually tiny, just that it’s farthest away from the viewer’s perspective.

The alien, synthetic, technological appearance is symbolic of the new paradigm I acknowledge our species is creating and immersing itself in. I call it “Paradigm Portal” for this reason.


I wanted to create something synthetic looking. I wanted something symmetric and aesthetically pleasing and I wanted to make something close to my painting “Consciousness Storage Device”.

You can see how the color themes and visual ideas from this previous painting influenced the making of “Paradigm Portal”. The detailed line work is almost the same shape and color scheme, even the background copper tones of concentric circles leading into a blue center carried over into the more recent painting. I even used the same reflective copper paint.

suspended enigma

I also wanted to mix things up a bit and add some of the new skills I learned from my painting “Suspended Enigma” into this painting. As you can see, I took the swirly, spherical white and blue orbs from “Suspended Enigma” and painted them into “Paradigm Portal”. I did’t just stick to orbs though, I used the same technique to make oval shaped gems on the edge of the painting as well as the much larger blue and white sections on the sides of the more recent painting.


I started this piece by creating a graphite cross. This is the foundation of the artwork and allow for me to create the symmetric effect much easier.

I then draw the outline of the artwork in grahphite. I build up bit by bit, starting with a few basic shapes and expanding as I continue to maintain a symmetric appearance. Eventually my graphte outline is complete and I’m ready to start applying acrylic paint. Because graphite on canvas pad tends to smear easily I paint part of the outline with black paint.

Next, I start filling in the shapes and shading them.

Add some details…

Fill in the background and use a graphite pencil directly on the paper to create an outline for some of my line details..

And it’s done!


I really like the way this piece looks. I love how it shimmers as I move around the room, looking at it from different angles. I want to do this again, but next time I’d like to add more objects that emphasize depth in the painting. I’d just like to push the depth a little farther like I did in “Consciousness Storage Device.”

In this photo you can see how the background copper paint shimmers and shines.
In this photo you can see how the background copper paint shimmers and shines.

Thanks for reading! If you’d like to see purchasing options for this piece, click here.


Art of the Week: Multidimensional Flaming Serpent

What is it?

This is an acrylic painting on a 9×12 inch sheet of canvas pad. Depicted is a dragon/serpent that appears to be existing in multiple planes of reality. I wanted to give the dragon the appearance of being made of flame


The environment of the background is very chaotic, I wanted to make it seem like the dragon was in between dimensions and that these planes of reality were simultaneously existing and protruding into each other. I made it look like machines, lights, and liquids were coalescing in a very odd way. I imagine that this plane of existence has different laws of physics from that which we inhabit.

All in all, it’s a painting of a multidimensional flaming serpent traveling through its strange environment of multiple, overlapping realities.


After focusing heavily on some larger projects for a month straight, I wanted to make something quick. The pieces I had been working on previously were very detail oriented and required a lot of concentration. This piece allowed me to let go of attention to detail and just allow my creativity to flow.

I didn’t start the painting with the intention of making a flaming serpent. I just went for it. Eventually I had a shape that resembled the body of a snake. When that idea came up, it rooted in my mind and by then I had my specific intention set.

After spending so long focusing on the little details for some of my larger projects, it was a relief to be able to paint this picture of a serpent transcending time and space. In a way, it made me feel like I was transcending my own creative limitations and that is always a remarkable feeling.


I didn’t care about making mistakes or creating something realistic or impressive. I started by painting the body of the serpent, then the head. When painting the body I used extremely thick and copious amounts of paint. This created a very interesting texture effect, making it appear as though the “scales” of the serpent were rising out of the painting.

After making the central shape of the body I added arms and claws, finally finishing by adding in the eyes after it was all dried. Drying took over a day, that’s a lot of time to dry for acrylics.

Now that the serpent was done I got to work on the background. I chose a bunch of random, fun looking colors and attacked. I didn’t care about it, I didn’t think about it, I just went for it. I had a flat background at one point and then I just started adding in random shapes of various colors. I really didn’t think too much about placement or shape, if it seemed like a cool shape to me I used it. I made lots of layers in this painting to exaggerate the illusion of being multidimensional.

In Conclusion

I had fun with this piece. I just let go and went for it. It’s of a similar style to my painting “Archaic Revival” and I think I will return to this style again soon.

Click here to see purchasing options for this piece. Note:  The top of the painting is slightly frayed, a slight imperfection that I think adds to the chaotic look of the painting. I accommodate by reducing the price of the original painting. This will not affect how the painting appears in a frame.