Art of the Week: Temple


What is it?

This is a 9×12 inch colored pencil drawing on a piece of paper.

Depicted is an abstract representation of a temple. It appears to be composed of gems and technological surfaces. I used vivid colors tried to stick to shapes with a futuristic aesthetic while maintaining an ancient touch to the pyramid like structure in the center of the piece.


 I wanted to make something vertically symmetric and aesthetically pleasing, but I also wanted it to have an esoteric touch to its appearance. I wanted to create something that appeared both sacredly futuristic and ancient at the same time.

I wanted to create something that appeared holy or spiritual but that would appeal to people of any religious/spiritual stance.

It’s a similar idea to the painting above I have initiated that is a work in progress.


Like most of my pieces, I start this one off with a rough graphite sketch of the basic outline. I start with a pyramid shape, adding a column on the left side, all while keeping in mind the symmetric nature of this piece. So, I know everything I do on the left side of the drawing must be reflected on the right side.

I refine some of the details and add a few more.

Add some more details..

More detail…

By now I’m done with most of the details. Now I’m about to trace over the graphite with ink.

Now that I’ve traced over the graphite details in ink I erase the entire paper to remove any trace of graphite. This is important as graphite and colored pencil don’t mix well and often create an ugly appearance.


I use colored pencil and apply the vivid wax to the paper, doing the bac


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