The Development of Creativity: Beginning Artwork

This post is about artwork I made when I was even more of a total noob. I think it’s interesting to see how creativity and skill develop overtime and with practice, especially with artistic things like art, music, writing, and more. img-505171025-0007


This piece is called “Transcendental Vision” It was one of my first pieces where I felt almost euphoric about the creativity I was releasing. The eye represents a peek into another world of imagination. I imagined a world of robotic, living things. This is what happened.

This piece was a milestone for me. Looking back at it now I can see so many imperfections with it, but I recognize it as a necessary point of progression. I used a similar style to create this piece almost a year later.


See how the geometry, line work, and even some of the colors carried over? It amazes me that I made such a leap- I would never have imagined making something like this a year down the road when I was painting the first image in this post.

Here’s another older piece. One of my first watercolor paintings. Read an article about this mixed media piece here.

Mixed media: watercolor on wax-dipped rice paper,
Mixed media: watercolor on wax-dipped rice paper,

I had to do a bunch of stuff to make this mixed media piece. It wasn’t easy! Look how I drew my flowers a year later though!

Oil Pastels on paper
Oil Pastels on paper
Oil Pastels on paper
Oil Pastels on paper

When I was younger I used to draw lots of futuristic cities, design futuristic weapons and vehicles, and draw different kind of aliens and robots. In other words, I was a total nerd, but I can see how that carried on to some of my later work.

Here’s some of my work from early childhood. Unfortunately I havent found any early drawings with the sci fi themes I mentioned. I dont know exactly how old i was but on the back of these pieces it says kindergarten through 3rd grade. IMG_1906.JPG

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How has creativity and skill evolved for you? What have you learned about the creative process?
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9 thoughts on “The Development of Creativity: Beginning Artwork”

  1. Hi Maxwell, I have always been interested in art. My initial artwork wasn´t very good as I had no idea how paint behaves on canvas. My art skills developed dramatically during my legal studies at university. Congratulations to your new blog!

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    1. Thanks, Petra! That is interesting, it also took me a while to figure out the “physics” (if you can really call it that) of spreading paint over a surface. It always seemed so simple and easy watching others do it. I started drawing aliens and futuristic cities when I was around 7 or 8 but completely dropped art until I picked it back up at 16! I’m now 18 and so glad I have returned to making art.


      1. Thank you again, Petra! I look forward to growing with you as well. Inspiration…honestly is something I should make a blog post about. For me, there are an insane amount of contributors. When I start a new art piece, if it is creative it will very naturally emerge from the paper. I try to imagine another world or dimension where perhaps the laws of physics may be different. If it’s a more intellectual piece, a good deal of planning and caution goes into it’s making. Things that inspire me include: music, interesting people, dreams, consciousness, and something about the way that lights reflect on water at night really presses my inspiration button. What brings you inspiration?


      2. I am inspired by places I have visited and people I have met. I try to capture the mood and drama of scenes using vibrant colors and expressive brushstrokes. I enjoy treading a thin line between realism and abstraction. Thank you for the follow!

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      3. Ah, perhaps the reason my work is creative is because I live in such a boring place. I must create the novelty that others may find in their surroundings. Really though, I live in Maine. Everyone has to create their own fun. I have heard great things about both London and Prague, what a splendid place to be!


      4. London is definitely amazing place to live. It´s impossible to get bored! I´m looking forward to go there in September again. Prague is much smaller than London and less busy. However, it´s favourite tourist destination and it´s definitely worth visiting for its unique architecture.


      5. I would love to visit someday. I love the way that cities look especially at night.I imagine London is much less industrial in appearance than American cities. Have you been to America?


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