Art of the Week: Perpetuating the Essence of Van Gogh


My painting of Van Gogh's original painting
My painting of Van Gogh’s original painting

What is it?

This is my revamp acrylic painting of Van Gogh’s original painting “A Meadow in the Mountains: Le Mas de Saint Paul”.  I call my painting (above) based on Van Gogh’s original piece: “Multidimensional Portals in Van Gogh’s Hyperspace”. Below is a picture of Gogh’s original painting.

Van Gogh’s Original Painting

Depicted in both of our paintings are heavily colored  pallets, defined brush strokes that converge into shapes resembling mountains, a barn, shrubbery, a meadow,  a rather crudely shaped stream, and a brilliant sunset/ sunrise.

My painting includes a UFO off to the side, floating ominously.  Hence the title to my painting. Meanwhile, Gogh’s painting features more shrubbery and contrasting colors in some areas.


I emulated Van Gogh’s painting style which has been called impasto. Impasto paintings consist of very, very thick and copious amounts of paint placed blob by blob on top of or next to eachother until a desired appearance is achieved.







Impasto paintings are often highly textural in appearance.

I also used a photograph of Van Gogh’s original painting as a reference for creating my own.

Parts of this painting came to be quite systematically while others, like the sky, seemed to flow from out of me with no effort and lots of joy. The movement in the sky and in parts of the meadow reflect how I was feeling as I made them: joyful, energized, free.

Click the image above, the details will really stand out!


This piece made me feel like during parts of its creation I was merely a vessel for which the creation took place through me. It was as if the essence or spirit of Van Gogh was working through me in some areas. Of course, this could merely be a coincidental, natural phenomenon in which I was enjoying creating art. However, that is not a feeling I often acquire when making art and it is definitely not something I can do on demand. So..perhaps I should try something like this again in the future.

Thank you for reading!





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