Art of the Week: ARTSPLOSION!!!!11!!!!!!!11!!1!1


What is it?
This is an acrylic painting on an 11 x 14 inch canvas. Depicted is what appears to be an expanding light, or an explosion. That’s why I named this piece “Artsplosion”. I wanted to make a piece that expressed how I felt at the time of its creation
Yellow and white beams protrude from the center of the painting, expanding outwards. It was a fun piece and an experiment with perspective.
I made this piece at the beggining of a wave of creativity. Towards this painting’s completion, I had many new creative ideas for new paintings and drawings. This piece expressed how I felt in an artistic sense.

This piece is a symbol of climax and the birth of novelty. Many people see different things when they look at it, I find this amusing. I am repeatedly reminded of the subjective nature of art when people propose an observation relative to a perspective I had not yet considered.

I’ve found that people enjoy this piece from some angles of perspective more than others. This is an interesting spectacle to me that raises interest on the subject and consideration into my future projects.

For example, the image above is met with more appreciation on social media than the image at the top of this article. Not only is this painting an artwork, it has served as a social experiment on visual perspective.
I started with the background. The center was light blue and I worked from there towards the edges, gradually adding darker blue and streaks of green.


After allowing the background to dry, I created white ball in the center. I started adding streaks of white and yellow protruding from the ball, continuing until the ball was no longer a ball. Eventually I had the illusion of radiance.

I continued adding beams of yellow and white, making sure to create the illusion of different layers of space by separating the center “light” from some of the expanding beams.

On the beams which appeared closer to the perspective of the viewer I added rounded ends. This gave these beams the effect of moving away from the center in an outwards direction. I wonder what the end result would have looked like had I not decided to round the ends of those rays.


This was a piece that came naturally to me and that I enjoyed making with little effort. It reminds me a bit of my other painting “Spacetime Expansion“. I may return to this style again, although I see no reason to in the near future.

Thank you for reading! If you’d like to see availability of the original painting or prints/posters you may do so by clicking here.


Art of the Week: Multidimensional Flaming Serpent

What is it?

This is an acrylic painting on a 9×12 inch sheet of canvas pad. Depicted is a dragon/serpent that appears to be existing in multiple planes of reality. I wanted to give the dragon the appearance of being made of flame


The environment of the background is very chaotic, I wanted to make it seem like the dragon was in between dimensions and that these planes of reality were simultaneously existing and protruding into each other. I made it look like machines, lights, and liquids were coalescing in a very odd way. I imagine that this plane of existence has different laws of physics from that which we inhabit.

All in all, it’s a painting of a multidimensional flaming serpent traveling through its strange environment of multiple, overlapping realities.


After focusing heavily on some larger projects for a month straight, I wanted to make something quick. The pieces I had been working on previously were very detail oriented and required a lot of concentration. This piece allowed me to let go of attention to detail and just allow my creativity to flow.

I didn’t start the painting with the intention of making a flaming serpent. I just went for it. Eventually I had a shape that resembled the body of a snake. When that idea came up, it rooted in my mind and by then I had my specific intention set.

After spending so long focusing on the little details for some of my larger projects, it was a relief to be able to paint this picture of a serpent transcending time and space. In a way, it made me feel like I was transcending my own creative limitations and that is always a remarkable feeling.


I didn’t care about making mistakes or creating something realistic or impressive. I started by painting the body of the serpent, then the head. When painting the body I used extremely thick and copious amounts of paint. This created a very interesting texture effect, making it appear as though the “scales” of the serpent were rising out of the painting.

After making the central shape of the body I added arms and claws, finally finishing by adding in the eyes after it was all dried. Drying took over a day, that’s a lot of time to dry for acrylics.

Now that the serpent was done I got to work on the background. I chose a bunch of random, fun looking colors and attacked. I didn’t care about it, I didn’t think about it, I just went for it. I had a flat background at one point and then I just started adding in random shapes of various colors. I really didn’t think too much about placement or shape, if it seemed like a cool shape to me I used it. I made lots of layers in this painting to exaggerate the illusion of being multidimensional.

In Conclusion

I had fun with this piece. I just let go and went for it. It’s of a similar style to my painting “Archaic Revival” and I think I will return to this style again soon.

Click here to see purchasing options for this piece. Note:  The top of the painting is slightly frayed, a slight imperfection that I think adds to the chaotic look of the painting. I accommodate by reducing the price of the original painting. This will not affect how the painting appears in a frame.